A Community Like No Other

Sometimes All We Need is Hope

On November day of this past year we had a family of four arrive at our Food Bank. A mother, a father and two teenage girls ages 13 & 15. They were homeless. As if that struggle wasn’t difficult enough, someone had stolen every last belonging they owned. The mother was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even tell our volunteer at client check of what her family might need from next door. That didn’t deter our seasoned volunteer, she told her to ask for Wendy or Caryl when she felt comfortable going over to the Thrift Store and we would help her from there.

The family didn’t come into the Thrift Store until almost closing. The mom was so anxious at first, so we just started going through the racks. Will your daughter like this? Will that fit? Within a couple of minutes, she relaxed and became comfortable.  We were able to outfit everyone with warm clothes. They will be going over to the Coat Drive for their kids. We made sure they had plenty of blankets, pillows and suitcases on wheels to store everything they needed within. This is why we love our job at The Stanwood Camano Food Bank. By the time the family left, we could see the hope in their eyes and smiles on their faces.